Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 121: Little Miss Muffet Sat on a Tuffet

Today is the last day of phase one! This means that tomorrow, I stop eating things I don't like and start eating things I've never had before. Of course, these things aren't mutually exclusive. Some of the things I didn't like were actually things I'd never had, but since the thought of them repulsed me, I figured they counted. Likewise, when I come across something I've never had that sounds disgusting, I'm going to try not to shy away from it. Because this is about becoming a perfect omnivore, after all. It's about viewing all foods as equal, or at least approachable.

For the very last thing I don't like, I chose a food that I've so long shied away from, I didn't remember it existed until my husband picked it up at the grocery store. This is cottage cheese, or to you Mother Goose fans, curds and whey.

For some reason, I always thought cottage cheese was sweet. People put fruit with it, don't they? But they also put fruit on a cheese platter, I guess. A good English cheddar with a slice of Granny Smith apple? So yummy. Either way, I was surprised when my cottage cheese was savory. I mean, it actually tasted like cheese (duh). Ian described it as tasting like sour cream, but saltier, which is pretty good. He had to describe it for me as I stared into my lumpy white mass, unable to bring the spoon to my lips. He had to assure me I would be okay. It was more difficult than it should have been.

Of course, the texture of cottage cheese is still weird. But you get used to it. I can see working into my life. I can also see never eating it again. However it works out is fine by me.

It's very strange to know I've eaten the last item I need to complete phase one. It's very strange to know that I can now approach fish fearlessly, that I've had squid and octopus and clams. Even stranger to know that I like them. I haven't conquered everything, I know. Beef liver. Hard boiled eggs are still difficult in many cases. But it's gotten to the point where I can't find food I don't like on restaurant menus, or outside the stranger items in the supermarket (pickled pigs feet? maybe some other time).

It's also very strange to know that this means 2011 is 1/3 over. How the time doth fly.

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