Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 115: Happy Easter

This morning, I made myself a smoothie with a couple of my less favorite ingredients: plain yogurt and cherries. Frozen cherries (I use frozen fruit in my smoothies instead of fruit and ice). Plus some orange juice to loosen things up. It was pretty good, actually. The ingredients came together nicely.

Then, at lunchtime (or thereabouts) the hubby and I made some hard boiled eggs, which were partially turned into truffled deviled eggs (Anne Burrell's recipe) and partially into egg salad. It's been a while since I had my last deviled egg, and if you will recall, it triggered my gag reflex. But I've been eating egg salad fairly regularly for months. Hard boiled eggs on their own, I don't know. I ate so many of them, and while I feel I made progress, I still can't say I like them. It's surprising. I thought I would get used to them easily and continue to resist fish. But they are my white whale, in some ways. My teeny, tiny, white whale.

Anyway, I didn't eat a plain hard boiled egg but I did peel a lot of them (happy Easter) and I did try one of my deviled eggs. And again, the gag reflex. It's not the filling, though the filling wasn't my all-time favorite thing I've ever eaten. It's the white. That stupid, rubbery egg white. Even with a lot of the filling, its texture and flavor stand out and make me gag. I mean, I managed to eat and swallow, but it was tough work. And afterward I felt a little nauseous. But then, I had a little egg salad sandwich, which contains the whites, they're just mashed in. So why oh why would you eat the egg white on its own? It's good for you, sure, but it seems strange that some people prefer it to the yolk. My husband does. Why? Good question. He just does.

As for me, I have to face the fact that I can't conquer this. I really don't think I can. I've conquered so much, but not the boiled egg white. And I've tried. Go back through the archives. I ate at least a dozen hard boiled eggs. I just can't stomach them.

Happy Easter.

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