Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 114: Plain Jane Meets Lady Marmalade

I am a little finnicky about yogurt. I buy plain yogurt, but only as an ingredient, not as a food unto itself. I put it in rogan josh or strain it to make it Greek for tzatziki. But why eat plain yogurt when you can have flavored? I am a Yoplait fan, myself, and even just the vanilla or lemon satisfy me--I don't need strawberry cheesecake or Boston cream pie, though I like those, too. But plain? Well, that seems silly.

This is not an opinion that has changed since eating plain yogurt for breakfast this morning. The plain was so unbearably bland, with a little bitterness from whatever yogurt cultures there are, that I tried stirring in some marmalade. Until recently I've been working with a woman who likes to have yogurt in the afternoon and she always stirred in some jam and I thought that could be good. I don't know if I stirred in enough marmalade, because the parts where I tasted it, the marmalade totally masked the yogurt flavor (what little there is to mask) and in other parts, I couldn't taste it at all. But I guess that's okay, since the main challenge this morning was really plain yogurt.

I will eat plain yogurt if I'm starving, or if my jaw is wired shut and I have to suck it through a straw. In dire circumstances. I'm not too good for it. I'll use it as an ingredient. But that's what I think it's good for. Like applesauce.

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