Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Ninety-Nine: Chunkier, Yes. Yummier, No.

Okay, I'm a day late blogging this, but yesterday was a very busy, very tiring day. That does not mean I didn't have my thing-I-don't-like. I had another little can of salad, this time with chicken. This time was less appetizing, too. Which is surprising, since chicken salad is more familiar. It was also more watery and not as yummy. Chunkier, yes. Yummier, no. But I ate it. It made me nostalgic for the ham salad (can you be nostalgic for something that was only two days ago? I sort of think you can).

Also: the consumption of dried cherries continues. I've been carrying them with me in my bag, so if I want a snack, they're my option. And I'm starting to really enjoy them. I'm meeting them on their own terms, I think. If only I could carry around a bag of oysters to snack on during meetings. Maybe I could meet them on their own terms, too. And have cats follow me around. And have whole portions of the conference room all to myself. And maybe get botulism or whatever you get from rotting seafood. Hmm...

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