Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Ninety-Eight: A Good Use for Miracle Whip

I know that Miracle Whip isn't mayonnaise (obviously) and that they claim not to be anything like mayonnaise (right). But, since my only attempt at acclimating to this white, viscous substance was a while ago and since I have most of a bottle of it left, I thought I would try to find another way to eat it today, a way that might showcase the flavors of the Whip a little more so I could fully get used to its flavor. So, one way I love mayonnaise is on French fries. Which made me think, I could eat miracle whip that way, too.

At first, I tried dipping the fries (I got them at Burger King...not the greatest fries ever but not the worst, either) straight into the miracle whip, and that was a little unpleasant. I mean, it wasn't terrible, and as with everything, it got better with every dip, but Miracle Whip just doesn't have the dreamy texture that mayonnaise does. So I thought: fry sauce. I friggin' love fry sauce (I'm super healthy) and I thought I would try it out. So I mixed some Miracle Whip with ketchup and guess what? I was right. It's really really good. The ketchup counters the less appealing flavors of the Whip without completely masking it--it provides an acidic balance, I guess. Anyway, it was good. If I owned a burger joint, I'd make a Miracle Whip fry sauce and people would love it. They would never guess the secret ingredient.

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