Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 104: The Devil, You Say

I've been eating a lot of canned meats lately, haven't I? Especially pork products. I guess they just strike me as unappetizing. So they work for this blog.

Today, I had deviled ham spread. Sounds delicious, right? It comes in a little can, wrapped in paper, with a cartoon devil on it (see picture, left). It's one of those things that I wasn't really aware of before starting this blog, but I found it on the supermarket shelf and thought, yuck. So naturally, I had to eat it.

You know what? Deviled ham is a lot like Spam. It's a little more granular. It has a little more spice. It's a little less cat-food-ish. I had my deviled ham on crackers. Really, I don't know why I subjected myself to this. Not that it was a horrendous experience; I'm starting to think that, culinarily, I can handle anything. It's just that this is such a strange food product. But it's getting to that point, I think, where the only foods I don't like are strange. In a certain sense: hooray. It means I'm climbing walls. In another sense: boo. It means I'll have to eat weird things for the next twenty-six days.

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