Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107: Thou Shalt Love the Tentacle

Those of you who are cool nerds totally get the title of this post. But this really has nothing to do with a giant tentacled creature from an alternate universe. It has to do with a much smaller tentacled creature from this one.

I speak, ladies and gentlemen, of the octopus.

Last night, I went to a restaurant called Italia in Browne's Addition, Spokane. I went with my husband and my mom (yay!!! she's in town!!!), and for an appetizer, I ordered the octopus. It came in a lovely composed salad. It was charred, with parsley, long pieces of lemon zest, some sort of lovely sauce, etc. I'm not sure what all was there. But though it was a hesitant start, it was a really lovely dish. Really, if you hadn't told me it was octopus, I would have thought it was overcooked chicken. It mostly tasted smokey, and it was only a little chewy.

But that's not the only octopus I had. Or maybe it was squid. You see, my mom ordered the seafood risotto for her main course, and it came with two little sets of tentacles. They looked really gross. We were sort of afraid of them. So naturally, we ate them. We had to count it down (1...2...3!) and get them in our mouths without thinking about it. But then, they were nice. Kind of sweet. Slightly briney. Nothing intimidating at all. To reference Futurama one more time... "the challenger's ugly food has taught us that even hideous things can be sweet on the inside." Thanks, Morbo.

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