Friday, April 1, 2011

Day Ninety-Two: Gambling, but with Food

I had an interesting lunch today. First, a kiwi, which I recently realized I had not revisited since my first experience with it, so I felt unsure of whether I could claim to like it. I do. So sweet and juicy, and those seeds are like little ice crystals.

After that, plain pasta salad. You see, I've had some pasta salad, but only fancy-schmancy pesto stuff. Nothing with plain macaroni and plain mayonnaise. So today I took that on. Oh man.

Why do people settle for such ridiculously bland food? Why do they prefer it? I still might never love the texture of cold mayonnaisey salads, but as I ate I thought, what about some salt and pepper? What about an aioli instead of a plain mayo? There was a little texture in the form of pickle relish, but not enough. It's white mush, basically, and it can be improved on in so many ways. But I guess this goes back to my applesauce argument. Still, I'll eat it. White mush can be okay.

Which segues nicely into the remainder of my lunch. My love affair with tapioca continues. It was a great way to end my bland meal. Also, it was nice to have something reliably sweet after all the crazy jelly beans I've been eating in honor of April Fools' Day. You know--the ones where some are sweet and some taste like skunk spray or rotten egg. But man, is it fun. It's like gambling, but with food. So far I've eaten (or at least bitten into) skunk spray, banana, rotten egg, chocolate pudding, peach, pear, moldy cheese (not that bad, actually), baby wipes, coconut, and centipede. Though, never having eaten a real centipede, I don't know if that last one was a good representation or not. Kind of gamey. Kind of spicy. You know--centipede.

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