Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 100!!!

Today is my hundredth day doing this blog! My hundredth day of things I don't like! In twenty days, I move on to eating things I've never had before... some of which will probably take some getting used to, some of which will probably be delicious. But for now, I'm still on things I don't like, so here's what I had today: deep-fried clams.

I'm starting to think that deep-fried seafood is one of the greatest things ever. I mean, it's deep-fried, so it has an advantage. But seafood is light underneath the breading. It can tend toward chewiness, but sprinkle it with some lemon, dip it in a little tartar sauce, and man is it good. Even though when you order something like fried clams, you might think, ewwwww. I'm starting to get fearless about fried seafood. If it's fried, it's probably good. The worse it is for you, the better it tastes, right? One day, I'll have to try deep-fried butter.

Arteries, beware.

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