Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 189: Mochi

Last night, I tried green tea mochi. I've seen mochi in the freezer section before, and though this one was sold at room temperature, I at first tried to freeze it. But biting into it, that didn't seem right. This was a more gelatinous dessert, and frozen gelatin didn't seem right. So after eating half a frozen mochi, I let the other half thaw. (I know, I should have done my research.)

Generally, it was okay. Not terrible. In the past, I've had terrible reactions (eg spitting them out) to some of the gummier Asian desserts. They have a particular texture that makes me think of mattresses--you know, that memory foam stuff. That's probably not the best description but it's still what I think of. Anyway, it was a green tea mochi and it really tasted like green tea, which should have surprised me less than it did. I suppose I thought the taste would be more subtle. I do think I could handle the texture if the flavor was more pleasant. I will have to try other varieties.


  1. When I lived in Pullman, I had a friend who made mochi all the time, and her homemade mochi couldn't be topped by anything bought in a store. I've always wanted to try and make it myself, but I can never find Mochiko in my grocery store. I'll have to look again (or buy it online), because now I'm reminded of how much I love that stuff.

  2. Did you ever look in the little "International Store" downtown by the old Audian?