Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 113: Cobbler Elves

I wish I had some sort of joke saying how cobblers are aptly named because they taste like shoe leather or something like that. But they don't. My best bet would be that they were invented by being cobbled together--someone had the pie filling ready, but there was no crust, so they threw in some oatmeal instead.

My main problem with cobbler (apart from the fruit filling, which I've already addressed in pie form, and am getting used to) is that it makes me think of breakfast, not dessert. Without ice cream on top it really might as well be porridge with fruit. It's crispier, sure, but it's really nothing special. It feels like something healthy, but dressed up, and ideally, that's not what I'm looking for at dessert time. I want chocolate and sugar and sauce and fluffy egg whites with more sugar and--you get the picture.

So anyway, I had cobbler for dessert. It was fine, but again, not my favorite. I wonder if I'll ever have a cobbler that wows me. That would be a challenge. But at least I ate it, and I have a clearer picture of it in my mind than I used to. Which is good, since I previously thought of it as a somewhat syrupy mush.

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