Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 165: Bavarian Cheesecake

I'm back from Disney World! As promised, I will be filling you in on all my culinary adventures.

So. One of the four Disney World parks, Epcot (which we visited twice on this trip) is all about innovations (innoventions), technology, and whatnot--or at least half of it is. The other half is called the World Showcase, which, as you might imagine, showcases different parts of the world. The one element that is represented in every area (you can visit Mexico, Canada, England, Norway, France, Morocco, Italy, China, Japan, Germany, and a bit of colonial America) is the cuisine.

On our first day at Epcot, we had lunch in Germany, served by a very cute German boy in lederhosen (or corduroyhosen) who must have been boiling in the Florida heat, but he was upbeat about it. Maybe not served by. Ordered from. Because at Disney's quick service restaurants you go to a podium, place your order, and then shuffle toward the kitchen where eventually they pass you your food, and sometimes they actually get your order right. Anyway, we had the bratwurst with sauerkraut (a very mild kraut compared to what I've been eating at home, with a more earthy spice to it, which might be toned down for mass crowds or might be closer to how they eat it in Germany, I don't know) and, for dessert (we bought the Disney meal plan which includes dessert with both lunch and dinner, which is why I came back five pounds heavier) the Bavarian cheesecake. Well, I had the cheesecake. Ian had some black forest cake thing which was also good. But I was completely into this cheesecake.

Here's the thing: it was really light. And it was more like a sponge cake with a cheesecake filling. A lot of cheesecake filling and really thin cake. Topped with lots of fluffy powdered sugar. Not too sweet, not too cheesy. Actually, I found the recipe for it here, at a place called If it weren't for the fact that I need to lay off the sweets for a while, I would be dying to try making it. Part of me thought, this isn't Bavarian, this is just Disney making stuff up (trusting, ain't I?) but I poked around the internet and found another site that pictured a similar cake, calling it Bavarian cheesecake. So hey, I learned something new about German food!

I would post a picture, but again, I forgot to take one. Bad tourist! I promise, there will be pictures in future posts.

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