Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Sixty-Six: In the Raw

Tonight, I had sushi again. Sushi! Raw fish. Some seared, but some that never hit a pan. I had three types of rolls: asparagus roll (no fish), seared salmon (partially raw fish), Philadelphia roll (raw salmon with cream cheese and avocado). I also had cream puffs, but that's neither here nor there.

As far as raw fish goes, salmon is an easy one. It's silky and creamy, without much flavor. It goes well with the rice and the soy. The seaweed actually tastes fishier to me than the salmon. And here's something interesting: I thought there was too much cream cheese in my Philadelphia roll. I love cream cheese, but I wanted more fish. Weird, right? Super weird. I'm probably prouder than I should be, but for a formerly staunch fish hater, these are leaps and bounds.

I'll admit, sushi still turns my stomach a little. I take my first bite and my stomach flinches. I start to feel a little sick before I swallow. That settles down after ten minutes or so, but it happens. And there are moments when something hits my tongue exactly the wrong way and my gag reflex tightens for a second, but then I'm fine. I'm conditioned, I guess, but I'm getting over it. And when I go out for sushi, I have a lovely friend to guide me toward the dishes I can handle. With her help, I'll be eating eel (or something equally adventurous) in no time.

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