Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Ninety: Prunes and Accomplishments

The streak of lackluster blogging continues. Today, I did eat something I don't like. I had a few prunes. And, as the trend tends to be, with each prune I ate, I liked them more. I got a little less repulse by their squishiness. By the time I finish the bag, I'll be eating prunes voluntarily, like candy.

I know. This is bland, boring, and possibly disappointing. But people read blogs for the human element. (Right?) So here's mine:

I have conquered a lot in the last three months, and torn down my own walls. A few foods I know look forward to that I would previously have not touched:

Fish and Chips
Fried shrimp
Smoked Salmon
Liver pate

And a few items I would have begrudgingly eaten, but now eat with glee:

Lima Beans
Sauerkraut (especially Reubens)

And that's not all. That's a pretty good list, I think. I have pushed myself (sometimes too hard, sometimes not hard enough) and my horizons are broadening. That, and I'm getting my MFA in fiction soon. I'm working on a thesis. And, I think I'm becoming a better wife (though you might have to ask my husband about that one).

So there.

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