Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day Seventy-Nine: Lily-Livered

Did you know that you can buy pate in a can? Well, you can! (Ha ha--can.) I bought mine at Cost Plus World Market--I don't know where else it's available. But, if you like liver, I would highly recommend it. Moreover, I would recommend it with caramelized onions on a nice toasted baguette. Or, if you really like liver, you could eat it plain.

The last time I had liver, at Brasserie 4 in Walla Walla, I remarked that it had a bit of a sickly flavor. That was a chicken liver pate. Tonight's was a goose liver pate. I think, since the liver is the organ that processes poisons, that the sickly flavor might be unavoidable. I did think the chicken livers were sicklier than the goose livers; maybe chickens eat more junk food. Actually, I'm sure they do. My parents own chickens and they'll eat anything. In fact, I once went to a barbecue restaurant with my parents and helped them scrape every last bit of leftovers into a to-go box, except for the meat which got a box of its own. Fries, cole slaw, macaroni, garnish--all of that got its own box marked "chickens," and we got a box of meat marked "humans." We're a very funny family.

Anyway, I don't know how other people feed their chickens, but I know my parents' chickens aren't picky. In fact, it could be worrisome how not picky they are. I don't know much about the eating habits of geese, but regardless of the foods they eat, they might be eating toxins in the form of pesticides, and those things might be more concentrated in the liver. Who knows. I'm sure someone does, probably some guy at the FDA who did major research and discovered that fowl liver is safe to eat.

I'm also sure that after eating enough livers, that sickly flavor becomes more appealing. Like the foot smell with cheese. Once you've eaten enough stinky cheese, you enjoy it all. I do, anyway.

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