Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Twenty-Two: Oh My Cod

Tonight, I made pan-fried cod with slaw. It was my first time cooking a fillet of fish, and yeah, I breaded it, so maybe it's still beginner's fish, but it's fish. And I cooked it. My second time cooking fish, my first fillet. And guess what? It came out perfectly. Moist, with a perfect crispy crust.

I consider this a big step up (for me, courage-wise) from deep-fried fish. It was pan-fried, but with less oil than the recipe called for (I wanted to keep things light) and I used olive oil (for the flavor and the health benefits). It tasted like fish, but only lightly. It had a lovely texture. My first thought, on biting into it, was not, "Oh, how delicious!" but I did think, "Yum!" quite a few times. And I'm astonished at how easily I ate it.

My one concern: my cat is going to get fat. Seriously. When we eat fish, she circles like a shark. She sits in an empty chair and pokes her head up, chin on table. She stretches up from the floor and grabs the table top with her paws. I always seem to cave in. I don't give her much, but I give her a nibble of fish. I'm turning her into a confirmed mooch. I'll have to be careful not to spoil her.

So: oh my cod! (Ha ha.) I cooked fish and I cooked it well. I think it has to do with how nervous I was that I might get it wrong. Every cooking show I've ever seen has warned me of how easy it is to overcook fish. I cooked it and I savored it. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I have to say, beep beep.


  1. An excellently prepared meal that I thoroughly enjoyed eating.

  2. Very nice! Ian and Scout are so happy you are no longer a fish-o-phobe. :)