Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Eighty-Nine: Nothing.

That's right, nothing. It took me almost three months, but I finally missed a day.

Reason One: It is friggin' hard to plan your meals this deliberately.
Reason Two: I am lazy.
Reason Three: When my husband offered to bring home some seafood salad, I nearly broke into tears. No, I had not been watching sad movies or drinking or anything like that. This test of my gastronomical powers is simply stressful. Every item you add to your daily to-do list wears on your psyche that much more. And when you're already feeling a little iffy, when your feelings aren't 100% stable, it's just too much. Food is meant to be enjoyed. And though many of my conquests are now enjoyable, it's a tough road getting there. And I'm working my way toward grosser and grosser foods because I've come to like or love all the marginal ones.

So those are my excuses. Judge me if you will.

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