Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Eighty-Seven: Flounder Is Not A Flounder

Before I tell you about my experience eating flounder, I have something to say. Flounder, the cute little sidekick from The Little Mermaid is not a flounder. Flounders are bottom-dwellers. Their eyes are both on one side of their heads. They aren't cute and yellow with blue stripes and fins that look like hair. They don't pal around with mermaids. So, when I had flounder for dinner tonight, I did not eat one of my childhood cartoon buddies.

That being said, I had flounder for dinner tonight. Flounders, as bottom dwellers, are not the most muscular fish. They don't move a lot, and thus are very tender. Which also means they don't have a ton of flavor. Which means that once I got my fish cooked (I didn't do it very well, I can tell), the flounder wasn't much of a challenge.

But it was fish. So there. Also, it was cheap. Which is good enough for me.

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