Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Seventy-One: Big Baby

I'm not feeling very clever or expansive today, so I'll keep this one short. We have friends in town, and today we went to lunch at the Old Post Office, which is now a brewery, used to be a wine bar (I think it's actually called Paradise Creek now, come to think of it) and though they've never really been know for their food, it was quite an enjoyable meal. I ordered the fish tacos--they were made with sole, a fish I had yet to sample. It was a really mild fish, though there were times when I definitely tasted the fish. Not much of a challenging lunch, but it was still fish. I also repeated my bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed dates and the pork with prunes and apples, both prunes and dates being formerly disliked foodstuffs.

One little nugget from today: the friends that are in town, staying with us, have a baby. He's learning to feed himself. Tonight, he refused several items (including yams, which surprised me, and prunes, which didn't) and his parents said something along the lines of, He always thinks he doesn't want to eat certain things until he actually gets them in his mouth, and then he loves them. So basically, he's a man after my own heart. Or maybe I'm just a big baby.

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