Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Eighty-Six: The Restaurant Hunt

Tonight, we had a bit of a hunt. We wanted to go out to eat--that much we knew. Our first choice (so I could have snails, but also because it's our absolute favorite) was West of Paris, the French restaurant in Moscow, Idaho. Upon trying to make reservations, we discovered that it was closed. For good. As in, the chef's kids finished college so he's moving away to resume his life as a minister.


So then we tried the Red Door in Moscow. Closed for renovations until April Fool's Day.


So then we tried Banyan's in Pullman. There seemed to be a wedding in the catering hall and a convention of Ducks Unlimited in the restaurant.

At last, we decided on Black Cypress, a fancy-ish restaurant downtown, which occupies the building where our old favorite restaurant in Pullman used to be, where we had our rehearsal dinner so long ago. Funny enough, we saw the old owners of that restaurant there. So they must have approved of the new place.

Black Cypress turned out to be a very good choice. I got the scallops (on round two with scallops, I discovered that my Seattle scallops were not a fluke--I really do like them, especially when served, as they were, with potatoes, bacon, cabbage, and a grainy mustard vinaigrette) and Ian got an orochiette pasta with a lovely, warm, spicy meat sauce (I suspected cardamom, which seems to be the spice du jour). We switched meals halfway through, but not because we didn't like what we ordered, just because we could. It was like getting two lovely, very different meals at one sitting. And we topped it off with profiteroles, which were absolutely delicious. They're one of those desserts that I really should learn to make.

So: more seafood crossed off the list. I like scallops. I mean, I really like them. More than any other fishy thing I've become accustomed to, I think I would order it at a restaurant without coercion. I'd like to learn to sear them nicely at home, too. A new day, a new skill to learn.

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