Friday, March 4, 2011

Day Sixty-Three: Eggs-ellent Adventures

First, those beautiful eggs on the left have nothing to do with me or my eggy adventures, but their picture did show up when I typed "adventurous eggs" into Google pictures. So I thought I'd share. The picture comes from Handmade Spark, a blog I might have to start following.


A couple months ago, near the beginning of this project, a friend recommended I try hard boiled eggs in sandwich form. I remember she said to use feta cheese, and I thought that sounded good, but the feta is also the reason I have not yet tried it. I love feta. Adore it, actually. But I never remember to buy the stuff. But today, I really wanted to try a hard boiled egg sandwich, so I improvised. I could have gone to the store and gotten the feta, but here's what I did instead:

I took a little 100-calorie bun and swiped on some pesto (I had recently made some to use up leftover almonds and basil--so not a classic pesto, but still), then added some jack cheese and a hard boiled egg. This, I grilled in butter. I highly recommend you try it. I've said before that pesto makes everything better, and here's the proof. When a bit of egg white fell out of my sandwich and landed in a drop of pesto, I ate it greedily. And even though hard boiled egg white has incited gagging many times over the last two months or so, I enjoyed it. All hail the glory of pesto.

Overall, this was a sandwich that took advantage of the better qualities of a hard boiled egg. It was creamy and delicious, with nice crispy bread. Salty and high in protein--a satisfying combo.

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