Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Sixty-Seven: It's a Miracle!

For many years, I thought I hated mayonnaise because I thought that's what Miracle Whip was. You see, my mother loves Miracle Whip. I'm not sure we ever had real mayonnaise in the house. In some ways, maybe this was a good thing. For years I sidestepped mayo whenever possible, ate my sandwiches nearly dry. When I discovered what mayonnaise really was, a new high-calorie treat was introduced to me, for better or worse. Probably worse. Because, thanks to a lovely Russian coworker who was nice enough to bring me my lunch one day (and brought mayo with the fries, which I ate to be polite and then discovered this combo spoke to my soul) I now desire mayonnaise more than I probably should.

But back to Miracle Whip. It's had a bit of a rebirth lately, what with the new commercial campaign:

Of course, I scoffed at these ads. This white, sort of generically sweet spread was advertising itself as big flavor. Ha! (See--that's me scoffing.) But to be fair (and because I'm growing) I gave Miracle Whip another chance.

First, I had a little MW on its own. At first I thought, Yum! It's tangy. And then the sweetness I remembered hit. So that wasn't great.

Next, I had it on a piece of white bread. That was better. The bread balanced the flavors a little, held back the aftertaste. It was fine.

Third, with dijon mustard. MW does not hold up to that kind of flavor. It added a different element to the dijon, but mostly disappeared.

Fourth, with a lot less dijon. This was good. The sweet and the spice blended nicely.

Finally, more MW on bread, nothing else. Much better than my initial taste. My buds were warmed up to it, I guess.

So Mom, if you're reading this (you probably are--I love you!) I will stop laughing at Miracle Whip. I might even make you a sandwich with it when you come to visit (can't wait to see you!)

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