Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Eighty-One: Anchovies Two Ways

Tonight, I made Anne Burrell's eggless caesar dressing, which was absolutely amazing. And guess what? It contains anchovies! All caesar dressing does. I know, I know, I know--it shouldn't count because you can't taste them. Well, now that I'm so in tune with the flavor of anchovies, I feel like I can. But maybe I'm imagining it. Here's how tonight's dinner qualifies: I had leftover anchovy pizza. And I have to say, leftover anchovies are so incredibly terrible. I mean, beyond the fishiness that you would ever expect. And the fishies turn gray, which isn't exactly appetizing. I'll even admit: I scraped part of the anchovy off my pizza. Because: I don't think leftover anything should be on the list of things I have to learn how to eat. Of course, omnivores should probably eat EVERYTHING, whether it was made today or yesterday. In that case, there's a whole other realm of things I don't like, because I'm not a huge fan of a lot of leftovers. Some of them rock. Some are better than they were when they were fresh. But others--come on. They seem to go bad as soon as they cool. Anyway. In addition to these anchovy things, I also ate more tapioca tonight. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sweets. Also, a bite of Ian's rice pudding, which is good, but still not great.

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