Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Sixty-Four: Multitasking

I feel like I'm writing this post inordinately late, like it's two in the morning and I'm technically a day late, but it's barely ten o'clock. If I could have gone to bed an hour ago, I would have.

You see, I woke up at six this morning. Not only that, but I GOT up at six. We had to leave early to drive across the state to our friends' house for their son's first birthday. And while Ian drove the entire way, I couldn't nap (I also feel guilty napping on trips when he's probably as tired as I am but has to stay up--also, I fear that my slumbering presence will prove soporific and we'll drive right off the road). Then, when we got here, it was just so much activity! Fun activity, but activity all the same. And despite the fact that we were celebrating a child's birthday, there was some booze. And then a rather large dinner that put me over the deep end, sleepiness-wise.

So when, you might ask, did I eat my food for the day? And why, you might ask, didn't I sneak away to post this sooner?

I ate two things I didn't like today. The first was a deviled egg potato salad which we picked up at the grocery store this morning before we left and stashed in the cooler to eat for lunch. A cold salad, a traditional potato salad (I've had potato salad and enjoyed it but it was my tamer, less mayonnaisey version) and deviled eggs (which, when last consumed, made me gag violently) all in one dish. Wow! So, I ate it. It was pretty good, though there were bits of egg white floating about and it was absolutely drenched in mayonnaise. The egg whites were noticeable but so coated in sauce and so similar in texture to the potatoes, it wasn't bad. I don't know that this would be my first picnic pick but I certainly would eat it again.

The next thing was not premeditated but it certainly was an opportunity. It was an hors d'oeuvre involving apricot, cheese, and nuts. Apricots and other stone fruits are not my favorites, but this little bite was pretty good. And now I have a fun occasion to associate the flavor with, which helps.

Now I must go to sleep. Thanks to our fabulous friends and their hospitality.

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