Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Seventy-Seven: Attack of the Not-So-Giant Squid

Tonight, I am in Bellevue, WA, which is close to Seattle, WA. To usher in Spring Break, we're spending some touristy time on the west side of the state, an area where many foodies agree you can find the best seafood in the world. Tomorrow I will truly dive into my seafood (ha ha--dive)--I might even have more than one kind. But tonight, at an Indian restaurant near the hotel, I had my very first fried calamari. And it was pretty darn good.

I think this calamari experience was actually pretty unique. The breading was spicy (would you expect anything else from an Indian restaurant?) and I could taste the egg in the batter, which was interesting. But I had several pieces (four, I think), all of which were rather large, and one of which was batter-free (I peeled it off). It took a long time to chew, but it was actually pretty enjoyable. Which is totally not what I expected from fried squid. But I guess it's a pattern I'm developing. If I think it's going to be grodie, it's going to be delish.

So now I'm curious about other squid dishes. I'm curious about squid ink, too. (I bet squid ink risotto is pretty cool.) I actually kind of enjoyed the chewiness of the squid--it forced me to savor it. And it wasn't a wimpy kind of chewy, nor was it tough. It wasn't fishy but it did taste like seafood. It was much milder than I would have expected, and yet flavorful. A plateful of contradictions, I guess.

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