Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Sixty-One: Rum Raisin Is Like Exercise

I tend to think of rum raisin as an old lady's ice cream flavor. And, as I mentioned in my dried cherry post, I am not a huge fan of creamy things with little bugs in them. Or raisins. You know. That surprising chunk of something chewy that hides inside the smoother mass. So, naturally, rum raisin ice cream presents a problem for me.

And then there's the rum flavor itself. Especially the first bite--I feel like I'm sipping a strong drink. A strong, creamy drink--and I'm not a huge fan of creamy drinks. So, naturally, I don't usually take another bite. Therein lies my mistake. Because it turns out, each bite gets better. Today, I had about a half a cup of rum raisin ice cream, and each bite became more enjoyable, and the alcoholic flavor gave way to the sweeter, creamier flavors. I got used to the chewy raisins, too. By the time I was done, I actually wanted more.

So rum raisin is like exercise. When you start off, it's terrible. You don't want to experience that ever again. But if you push through the pain, you might just get addicted.

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