Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 126: Tangerine...Dream?

After my rip-roaring success with tangelos, I was excited to try a plain old tangerine. I figured, if I liked the hybrid so much, I was bound to like the original. Tangelos could have converted me to the cult of citrus fruit lovers. But then I had my tangerine.

I didn't think it was terrible. It was fine. But there were elements that I wasn't expecting. Like the seeds, for example. Every single segment had seeds. Two of them. And a lot more connective tissue, which was difficult to remove. I'm sure a tangerine contains much more fiber than a tangelo, but that's not really my main concern when eating it. In fact, I probably removed half the fiber while trying to get to the sweet flesh.

Which wasn't as sweet as the tangelo's, nor as perfumed. It was okay, but nothing extraordinary.

But, since I ate it, it means I ate fruit today. I also ate strawberries. And at the moment, I could really go for a tangelo.

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