Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 134: The Young Eccentric

Tonight, while dining out, I had a delightful drink that I've been meaning to try for a long time: the young eccentric. It includes vodka, lemon, pear puree, absinthe, and rosemary. The rosemary is a garnish, but you should really leave it in the glass if you ever have one of these, because it perfumes the whole thing. A really delicious drink.

It was not only my first time having this particular concoction, but my first time having absinthe. Well, sort of. Because absinthe isn't 100% legal in the US. Versions of it are. But the key ingredient, a chemical called Thujone that traditionally comes from wormood, is not. So they filter it out and call it absinthe, but it isn't absinthe really. But I'd never had this non-absinthe, either. And when I next find myself in France, I will have to have a glass of the real thing, in a more traditional serving style. I will raise my glass to Toulouse Lautrec.

Anyway, this drink, I thought, was dangerous. My companions thought it tasted pretty alcoholic, but to me, that alcohol taste tasted more like licorice. I could have kept drinking these things. But I was a good girl. I only had one. Still, next time I visit South Fork, this will probably be my drink order. At least, if it's a special occasion.

For more about absinthe and the terms of its sale in the US, go here.

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