Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 131: What do you get when you cross a soybean and a dachshund?

A tofu dog!

Which is what I had for my new thing of the day. I was really craving hot dogs, but I thought, that's bad for me, plus I'd had it before, and then it occurred to me. I've never had tofu dogs! So I rushed right out to Rosauer's and bought a package of them. Plus regular hot dog buns which are probably not vegan, so it's a strange mix, but still a vegetarian one. Oh, and some salt and vinegar Pringles. Which could have been more salt-and-vinegary.

Really, a tofu dog isn't that similar to a hot dog. But it isn't that dissimilar, either. The shape is the same. They inject it with a smoky flavor that somewhat simulates a hot dog, and it had a fairly robust texture, which I found surprising. But there are two elements that really make a hot dog for me. That snap as you bite through the casing, and the hot, meaty animal fat. Obviously, this tofu dog had neither. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Just means it isn't a hot dog.

That being said, they are really low calorie and lack the health problems/sketchy ingredients of real hot dogs (though I usually buy Hebrew National, which are less sketchy, but are hot dogs nonetheless). And they taste good. And they are pretty good for you. So there's one reason to try them, whether you personally eat meat or not.

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