Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 150: Oh, Baloney

While at the store the other day, my mother spotted a package of meat she used to eat as a child: mortadella. I had never had it--I'd heard of it, but I really had no idea what it was. So we bought some, and today we had it for lunch. My first thought was, hey--this tastes like bologna. And you know why? Because it is.
To be fair, this is not Oscar Meyer bologna. It's from Bologna, Italy, and it's made in a similar style of compressing meats into one sausage. Unlike your standard lunchbox bologna, mortadella is dotted with what I presume to be fat. It's spicier and less rubbery. It's the Cadillac of bologna, if you will. The real stuff, un-Americanized.

I had it on homemade white bread with Swiss cheese and tomatoes, plus a grainy mustard and my mother's favorite, Miracle Whip. Which threw me off at first. The Miracle Whip flavor definitely shone through. But I also tried my mortadella on its own, so I feel confident of its flavor. Either way, it was a yummy sandwich.

I would wrap this up with some statement about my love of Italian sausage, but I can't say it without sounding dirty. Anyway. That's some good meat.

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