Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 124: The Pistachios Are in the Pudding

Tonight, I discovered the wonder that is pistachio pudding. Well--fat free, sugar free, instant pistachio pudding--but it was still good. And I would imagine that the full-fat stuff would be amazing. And I would be very interested in learning to make this stuff from scratch.

I'd had pistachio ice cream before, but couldn't imagine it as a pudding. Though, really, ice cream is basically frozen pudding. So there's that. But this stuff had reconstituted pistachios. Interesting stuff. Ian wasn't as big a fan. But I sure liked it.

I also had a strawberry-kiwi smoothie this morning, because I had frozen strawberries and a kiwi that I had to use up. I was afraid the kiwi flavor would be overwhelmed by the strawberries, since there were so many more strawberries than kiwi. But it ended up very well balanced. Lots of seeds, but that was okay.

Today's fruit: strawberries, kiwi, tangelo, apple (woot!)

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