Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142: Sweet and Spicy

Yesterday, I had two things I'd never had before. One was a "martini" that tasted like key lime pie. Really. I got this at the Peacock Room in Spokane, and it was one of those drinks that could easily be mistaken for dessert. It even had a little graham cracker dust on top. And whipped cream. Now, I am not usually one who drinks alcohol with whipped cream. I am one to smirk at those who do. I ordered it because I thought it would be like a gimlet, but with vanilla vodka (the menu description was vague). But you know what? It was really good. Maybe the whipped cream drink drinkers are on to something.

Second, I went to sushi. Mostly, I had rolls I'd had before. But I also had a spicy tuna roll, which blew my mind. I was not expecting to like raw tuna so much. But--I can't even describe it. It was my favorite roll of the evening. I'm getting to the point where I could probably trick someone into thinking I knew something about sushi. I also had seared salmon and a California roll, and an asparagus roll...avocado roll... what else? Anyway. It was sushi. I'm always proud of myself after I eat sushi. Unfortunately, my sushi buddy will be moving back to Hawaii soon, and I will be sad. I will probably email her every time I have sushi and brag about my new fishy conquests.

Maybe one day I'll try the mussels. Ian had them and liked them. I stared them down for a minute and changed my mind.


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