Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139: Free Sample

This is really super lame, but the only new thing I had yesterday was a free sample at Starbucks. It was a coconut cream frappuccino, and it was dang good.

I like the idea of free samples. I especially like to go to Costco on the weekend and have a free sample lunch. My husband is a bit of a free sample junkie--he has no qualms about going to the same little sample kiosk over and over, obviously savoring more than sampling. Which I understand. He pays for his Costco membership. He's going to get his money's worth.

And actually, this makes me less timid about taking free samples. I especially have a hard time when there's a crush of people. Even if I know I might want to buy the product in question, and genuinely want to taste it first, if someone pushes in front of me for that little toothpicked ravioli or paper cup of soup, I will back down.

Which is why I like the Starbucks free sample model. Tray delivery. Offer it to you at the register. Let every customer feel special.

Which is my way of padding a post that is actually pretty lame. But I do think the coconut cream frappuccino thingie is super yummy, and I'll probably buy at least one this summer. So sampling: effective.

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