Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147: Pho Fun

Last night, my parents took my husband and me to a little pho place near their house (sorry--if I knew how to add the little accent mark, I would). The best part of that statement is that we're in California, with my parents! The second best is that I finally had some pho.

I have friends who love pho, who go out to eat it as often as possible, but as fate would have it, I'd never encountered it until this trip. I sort of knew what it was: noodles in broth. The particular pho I ordered contained rare steak and well-done brisket. I did not try the tendon, because I wasn't sure about that. Anyway, the menu stated that their broth was made with oxtail and beef and all those wonderful bones, and that it cooked for ten hours. Wow! Then they add the meat and the noodles and herbs, plus you add more herbs (basil) and bean sprouts and jalapenos and lime juice at the table. And then you dig in with spoon and chopsticks (or fork) and though the noodles are slippery (not as slippery as the udon Ian ordered, but still) and I'm no whiz with the chopsticks, it's worth the effort. It kept me full all evening, and very satisfied.

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