Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 143: Home Remedies

I've seen people marvel at the fact that ginger ale is made with real ginger. They can't believe it because ginger ale really tastes nothing like ginger. These people haven't tried ginger beer.

If you like ginger like I do, you'll find this stuff delicious.

I know, it seems like semantics: ale vs beer. Splitting hairs and whatnot. But the beer is an entirely different brew. If you don't like the spice and particular earthiness of ginger, you will not like this stuff. If you don't like candied ginger, you might not want to pick it up. But if you have a stomachache, this stuff is a good idea.

You know. Because ginger helps with nausea. It's funny, because people drink ginger ale for their tummies, and they think it's the same as lemon lime, so they drink lemon lime for their tummies, too. Maybe the carbonation helps, too, for certain tummy troubles, but it's the ginger that's the active ingredient. Personally, I always have something gingery before I get on a plane, and usually I pack some ginger snaps, as well. Flying to and from Thanksgiving and Christmas is the best for me, because ginger snacks are in no short supply. I will bring candied ginger, too--I would bring ginger ale (or, now, ginger beer) except for that whole no-liquids-or-gels thing.

If you don't believe me about the ginger vs nausea thing (mainly associated with motion sickness), check out this episode of Mythbusters. Grant tries out various cures, pukes a lot, and then--the ginger kicks in.

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