Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 129: Lox

I know I've mentioned this before, but when I worked at Big Apple Bagels in San Marcos, CA, there was one menu item that the sandwich makers hated to make: a bagel with lox. These bagels were almost always ordered with cream cheese and capers, as well. And while capers fascinated us (we were all young, most of the staff was about 16 and female), the lox would leave its scent on you for the rest of the day. All that oil and the fishy smoke of it--well, that's what I smell like now. Because I just had, for the first time ever, a bagel with lox, capers, and cream cheese.

I thought I'd conquered smoked salmon. I really did. And maybe I just put too much on my bagel--though it didn't really seem that way--or maybe my salmon was cut too thick, or maybe I was used to it and my immunity has already worn off. Either way, I shuddered several times as I was eating this, and only once because of the capers. There were moments when I thought it was a lovely thing to eat. And then a little too much fish would hit my tongue and--I don't know. It's sweet and oily and fishy and it doesn't process too well in my brain. But now I've had it and I know what it is. So there's that.

Now maybe I'll go have an apple.

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