Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 169: Prime Time

While in the Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios, but sadly, MGM is no more), the hubby and I ate at a restaurant called the '50s Prime Time Cafe, a cute and delightfully over-the-top replica of a '50s TV home, where the waiters are sassy and clips from shows like The Donna Reed Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show run on loops on a variety of black-and-white TVs that are scattered around the restaurant. Because you're at "Mom's house," there are rules. No elbows on the table, you must eat your vegetables, and you have chores: you have to set your own table. The food is of the classic stick-to-your-ribs variety: meatloaf, fried chicken, etc. Ian and I ordered the two dishes that strayed a little from the norm: the agnolotti (me) and the poached salmon (him). For dessert we had a Boston cream pie parfait (me! so glad I ordered it!) and a brownie sundae (Ian...he was not). But while the food here was good and I'd never had agnolotti or Boston cream pie in parfait form, it wasn't the food that stuck with me. It was the ambiance. You see, when I was a kid, I really really really wanted to own a '50s diner. Or, failing that, I wanted to live in the '50s themselves. So this place with its amazingly campy atmosphere and the server (not ours, but one section over) who actually marched several diners into the kitchen to "do dishes" when they didn't eat their veggies (they were forewarned) was a kick in the pants. Plus it was air conditioned and we were in Florida in June. So it had that going, too.

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