Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 164: Greek to Me

So, although last night was my (and Ian's) first meal at the Disney World Resort, where everyone takes pictures of everything, we forgot to take a picture of dinner. Sorry. But you can probably imagine it.

We'd just spent an incredibly long day on airplanes and in airports (Spokane to Denver; Denver to Columbus to Orlando) and on buses (huzzah for Disney's Magical Express!) and listening to middle aged women yell at their kids even while checking into the hotel (Caribbean Beach Resort: it has Finding Nemo fishes all over the bedspread and on the wallpaper, which is cool except Finding Nemo took place in Australia). We were tired and hungry. We were trying our best not to let vacation stress get to us, especially so early. I even came up with four H's to help me be a better wife and vacationer. I will be:

Happy, Helpful, Humorous, and Humane.

Good, huh?

Anyway. We had reservations at Kouzzina, Cat Cora's restaurant on the Boardwalk (which is a neat place--we didn't go there on our honeymoon, the only other time we've been to Disney World). If you don't know, Ms. Cora is an Iron Chef and a darn good one at that. She's Greek, from Mississippi. So her food has sort of an old world comfort food feel to it. I had Cat's Ouzo-tini to drink (oh my goodness so good if you like licorice since that's what ouzo tastes like, but I'd only heard tell and it was better than I expected), and then pasta with a lamb ragu for dinner, and kemaolbiohjsohgkl something Greek I couldn't pronounce with phyllo and pastry cream and a lovely gelato for dessert (I will look these things up and give you a better run-down later. The internet is slow and I'm typing on Ian's tiny computer where the apostrophe is not in the right place, nor is the dash).

Anywho. Today we hit EPCOT! (Did you know that stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow?) I will be singing the Carousel of Progress song all day. Plus we have reservations at the French restaurant in the around the world thingy for dinner, and I will have pictures this time! I promise!

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