Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 159: Fruit with a Kick

Have you ever had dried chili mango? This stuff is such a surprise! It's dried mango, coated in a sweet and spicy mixture that makes it taste a little like a sweet jerky. But without the meat flavor. It's chewy and sweet and hot--all lovely things. But it's definitely a surprise flavor. I'm not 100% sure what I think about it quite yet.

The thing is, I'm only a recent convert to dried fruit. I discovered it as a bit of a diet aid--I know, it's not exactly low calorie, but it's like training wheels between candy and a healthier diet. Except, usually I prefer plain fruit to the dried variety. I suppose it depends on what kind of fruit it is. The dried variety does satisfy a certain craving for chewiness, though it's a lot less sticky than most candy.

Anyway. I'm mostly intrigued by how well the spice and the fruit go together. I know I like spice and chocolate--the baristas at my favorite coffee shop (now closed down, dangit) used to warn me about their Mayan mocha, made with Tabasco and black pepper, but it was always my favorite--but with fruit? Never really thought about it. I might have to experiment with this new notion.

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