Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152: Steamers

Yesterday, I defended my thesis, which means that, basically, I have a master's degree. Technically, there is paperwork to be turned in, including final grades and one important sheet with my thesis committee's signatures on it, but once that's done, I'm done: Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (fiction).

After defending my thesis, I went to the Globe with a pal and we drank and shot the shit and generally celebrated my passing my defense. And he ordered some steamer clams, which he was generous enough to share with me. And my word, were they fantastic. The fact that, until this year, I'd been completely missing out on mollusks just astounds me.

Though, I do think they might have contributed to my tummy ache later in the evening. A lot of that probably has to do with the alcohol I imbibed, and on top of the clams and a stick of fried cheese, I decided to add my leftover muffaletta. Plus, until going to the bar, all I'd had to eat was a caramel macchiato and a couple pieces of candy, neither of which would I say qualifies as food. So I was in for a world of trouble. I'm definitely not going to blame the stomachache on the clams, because they tasted too good for me to develop a negative association with them already. If they give my problems again, maybe I'll become wary. For now, I'm looking forward to the next time I can eat them.

Though--my friend did say that they don't always use the same kind of clam for steamers. I guessed we had littlenecks, though I'm hardly a clam expert, but the websites I've been perusing seem to agree with me/tell me that littlenecks and steamers are both names for the same clam. I don't know. Small and gray. Good stuff.

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