Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 161: Rangoons

Yesterday's new food wasn't particularly adventurous, but it was particularly yummy. I got it at Panda Express, in a dash to have dinner before attending my MFA program's graduate reading (Congrats to everyone! It was a great reading!). Don't judge me for enjoying my fast food Chinese. How can you go wrong: cream cheese (with some sort of seasoning/herbage) tucked into a wonton wrapper and deep fried. Um--yum. The sauce they served it with was too salty for my taste (and I can take a lot of salt) but they really required nothing extra. The crispy outside and creamy inside was enough all on its own.

Apparently, rangoons are usually filled with crab (the literal Chinese translation, Wikipedia tells me, is "crab horn" or "fried crab horn"). Mine were not, but it sounds like it could be yummy. But this is really a fully Americanized Chinese dish, if it's even Chinese at all. I don't know how much I can trust Wikipedia, actually. I did discover that Rangoon was the former capital of Myanmar. So maybe it comes from there. Or maybe someone just threw the name on it to make it sound fancy, like chicken divan. Either way, it was good stuff. I might try making some on my own.

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