Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Forty-Eight: Real Quick

I'm starting to run out of new foods-I-don't like. It's getting harder to plan. The posts, as I'm sure you've noticed, are getting a bit less interesting. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up.

Today, I'd planned on having fish for dinner. Then, for lunch, I had a little pasta salad and a little farro salad, which contained golden beets. So that was cold salads and beets, both of which I've sort of crossed off the list of things I don't like, but neither of which has climbed to the top of my list of favorites. Also, I justify these as qualifying for the resolution today because I hadn't had either pasta salad or golden beets multiple times. Also, I'd never had golden beets cold, and I must admit it was a less pleasant experience than when I had them hot. They were nice when I got a bite with beet, feta cheese, and farro, but on their own that had that characteristic dirty beet taste. I think it's heat that overcomes the dirt taste; when beets are cold, they just taste like the earth. They also have their own sweet, root-vegetable characteristics, but the dirt flavor is definitely present.

To augment my food-I-don't-like experience for the day, I'd planned on having Jell-O tonight. But since I don't really like Jell-O, I'm not that familiar with the process of making it, so it hasn't set yet. Which means I'll have to put it off. Oh well.

I promise these posts will get more interesting soon.

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