Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Forty-Five: Happy Valentines! Here's Some Cabbage.

I have a new sweetheart (sorry Ian--I still love you, too). I never expected this. But I guess I should have been listening to the romantic comedies; it's usually those we hate in the beginning that we love in the end.

That's right. I'm having a love affair with sauerkraut. Judge me if you will.

I knew I was headed down this trail. Maybe I should have stopped myself. I gave kraut a chance when I put it on a Reuben, and I was intrigued. I kept ordering Reubens in restaurants. I had to hold myself back. I thought, it's just the corned beef, the rye, all the trappings and the Russian dressing. It's just an infatuation. If I stripped it down, saw it for what it really was, my infatuation would be over.

I was so wrong. Today, I had sauerkraut on a hot dog. A little mustard. Not much to disguise the sauerkraut's true personality. I even had a few bites of kraut on its own. Now I have to face facts; this isn't a fling. This might be a lifelong relationship.

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