Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Fifty-Seven: We'll Have Manhattan

Tonight, I faced two fears--one greater than the other. I had a Manhattan, which isn't my favorite drink in the world, and along with it, I had cherries.

That's right. I ordered extra cherries. Four of them, which I ate. I did this in the company of people who didn't necessarily know I was eating/drinking something I didn't like, so I had to be cool about it. I couldn't groan or make faces. I had to act like I liked the things. And I think that helped.

Ultimately, I don't think a Manhattan is an awful drink, and it gets better with every sip (that's a lot of booze in one glass...I'm pretty warm as I write this). The cherries were okay. Kind of tart and sweet, but I still don't love their consistency, and the flavor just isn't enough to wow me on its own. It was a good counterpoint to the alcohol, though. So it wasn't a terrible experience. Plus a certain guy friend of mine tried very hard to tie one of the cherry stems in a knot with his tongue (he eventually succeeded) and so did I (I nearly choked, but that's about it).

So, in conclusion: Manhattans are okay, cherries need revisiting.

And now I have a party to go to. Hurray for issue 67 of Willow Springs!

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