Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Thirty-Seven: Hot Crab and Pigskin

I thought, since it's Super Bowl Sunday, it would be appropriate to have appetizers for dinner... early dinner... some sort of mid-to-late-day meal. Even if I'm not watching the Super Bowl. Right now, the hubby and I are watching The Princess and The Frog, which I much prefer to football. And the husband isn't much for football, either. Which probably makes you wonder, what do I mean by pigskin?

Well, I mean just that. Pig skin. Deep fried and spiced up, sold in a plastic bag. That's right, I sampled pork rinds today. I believe I've only had one pork rind before today and I recall being thoroughly repulsed, but today, while the first bite was more piggy than I was prepared for, I thoroughly enjoyed them. In fact, I had to have the hubby take the bag away from me, for fear I would overindulge. He, however, maintains that they are disgusting. And I know, it's fried skin. But if you called it cracklins you could serve it at a gourmet restaurant. Granted, it would look different than the puffy things I had out of a bag, but essentially, it would be the same thing. Pig skin, deep-fried.

I also tried real crab today. I've been eating a fair share of imitation crab, in crab salad, won tons, and once in sushi, but this time I bought real lump crab and turned it into hot crab dip. Which means I mixed a good deal of crab meat into some neufchatel cheese, light sour cream, scallions, parsley, Old Bay, etc. And when I had my first bite, my reaction was unfavorable. I believe I screamed a little. I expected the same mellow flavor I had in my imitation crab, which has mostly been served cold. It was much crabbier than that. But, true to my experiment, I kept eating. And with every cracker dipped into this dip, I felt myself acclimate to the crab until it was almost enjoyable. And I think I'll go back and have a few more crackers' worth. Plus, the shadow man is starting his big musical number, so I should get back to my movie.

If you're watching the Super Bowl, I hope whatever team you like is winning!

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