Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Forty-Two: Loaves and Fishes

Last night a friend and I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at the INB performing arts center in Spokane. Before that, we went to dinner at Hills' Restaurant, where I voluntarily ordered the smoked salmon panini. Which was awesome. Not only was it delicious, but even though I'd already had applesauce as my thing-I-don't-like for the day, I was brave and committed to my project. I ordered a fish sandwich and dang if it wasn't satisfying.

The trend continued tonight. I got back from school at about seven and I met my husband at South Fork, the hubby's and my favorite eatery in Pullman. It was clam chowder Friday, and I saw an opportunity. But when we got there, the market fish special was a swordfish sandwich, and I jumped at the opportunity to try something new.

Granted, I've had swordfish before. Once. I tried to make swordfish fajitas a few months ago, before this project began, and I almost vomited. This time, the fish was in the hands of a professional. Plus I've developed a thicker skin when it comes to fish. I had high hopes that I would absolutely love the stuff this time around. The sandwich certainly had the right elements to charm me. Ciabatta roll, tartar sauce, baby greens, tomato, red onion. It was all delicious...(drum roll, please) included.

Okay, there were a few bites where I recoiled at the fishy taste. But mostly, it was delicious. Fish sandwiches. Who knew? I certainly didn't. But I would order either of these two sandwiches again, of my own free will. Especially the smoked salmon panini. Smoked salmon, I think, no longer qualifies as something I don't like. The swordfish is fishier and will be harder to conquer completely. But man, I'm getting closer and closer!

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