Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Fifty-Two: That's Lobstertainment

That fellow on the left there, he's a lobster. Well, really, he's a Decapodian, a native of the mud planet Decapod 10. He's a regular character on the hubby's and my favorite animated broadcast, Futurama. And no, we didn't watch Futurama tonight, though we might a little later, come to think of it. We did, however, have dinner and a movie. We saw The King's Speech and I had lobster.

Well. Lobster and crab bisque. Which was less of a bisque than a chowder. Kind of a lobster corn chowder with some crab thrown in as filler. Lobster is expensive, after all, and my bowl of soup only cost eight bucks. Lobster and corn are known as excellent bedfellows (or soupfellows, as the case may be) and though I must say that the corn in my soup was the predominant flavor, in certain ways they complemented each other beautifully. I was rather afraid to order this particular soup (I was going to order halibut, but they were all out) and I found that when it arrived, it was mercifully light on the crustacean flavor, though it was the characteristic lobster pink. You see, my last experience with lobster bisque was quite the unpleasant one, but that was a true lobster bisque, no corn or crab involved, and it was eaten when I had not had seafood in many years. It was at the French restaurant in Moscow, ID, where they serve you a special amuse bouche with every meal. I didn't want to be rude and refuse the bisque. I was trying to be very elegant. So I tried it. I had a few spoonfuls, even (those tiny spoons that come in the tiny shot-glass bowls, but still). And then my husband finished the rest, and I chugged some wine--as delicately as possible, of course.

I'm not sure if that last lobster bisque had more lobster per ounce or if I was just more sensitive to the seafoody flavors or both. I'm not sure if there was much lobster in my soup tonight at all, though I know there was some. Perhaps tonight's dinner was so enjoyable because things were balanced or because they were skewed toward the more familiar flavors. Either way, I feel encouraged. Red Lobster might have my business soon.

Also, if you haven't seen The King's Speech, you must see it as soon as possible. And if Colin Firth doesn't win an Oscar, I give up on the Academy.

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