Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Forty-Nine's Lunch Is Brought To You By: The Color Red

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had intended to eat Jell-O for dessert, but sadly, the gelatin had not yet set. Well, it's set now. The top of it was slightly foamy--I probably wasn't supposed to use a whisk to mix it--but it jiggled and was no longer liquid, so I ate some. It wasn't as hard-set as some gelatin dishes I've had, so it didn't have that near-plasticky feel that I can't abide, but it was still jiggly, which is weird for me. The flavor (cherry--I might not love the fruit itself but I do like the artificial flavor) was fine; it's the texture I have a hard time with. But I thought to myself as I was eating it, What should I like about this? It's cold. Sweet. The texture isn't that far off from a lot of candies that I do enjoy--it's just not as chewy. It squishes between your teeth, which provides a sort of childlike wonder. It looks silly. It would be good as brains on Halloween. Plain, it's okay. Next, I'll have to float fruit in it and top it with whipped cream. That poses, for me, a much greater challenge.

Of course, Jell-O was not my whole lunch. It was a grab bag of sorts. I also had diced peaches (orangeish, not red)in light syrup (I'm getting used to them, though they still don't drive me wild) and a little can of V-8 (more red).

Ah, V-8. Bane of my childhood. Enforced nutrition. Not that my mom made me drink these very often, but she would buy them from time to time and I know I've had it several times. I haven't tried it in years, but I did have a Bloody Mary maybe six months ago and couldn't abide it. I know that's just tomato juice, not full-on vegetable blend, but it's close enough. So my V-8 made me a little wary. But--it was not as bad as I remembered. In fact, there's nothing wrong with it unto itself. It's kind of tasty. But it's like drinking cold soup (another thing I don't like: gazpacho). I had the strongest urge to heat it up and dip in a grilled cheese sandwich. That would have been amazing. But V-8 doesn't market itself as soup. It's juice. So I drank it, cold, as such. I've got five more tiny cans of it in the fridge. Boy, will I be healthy.

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