Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Fifty-Eight: Screaming with a Mouthful of Anchovies

COLIN FIRTH JUST WON BEST ACTOR!!! (Thus the screaming. There is no such joyous explanation for the anchovies.)

Tonight, I had pizza with anchovies. It seems not a lot of pizzerias have anchovies on their menus these days, and I was feeling a little lazy, so Ian picked up an onion-and-black-olive pizza on his way home from his curling match. We put anchovies on it before we threw it in the oven, and I had my first pizza with anchovies. I was not amused.

Mostly, the anchovies were salty, which was okay. But then, while munching happily on pizza, I would realize quite suddenly that I was eating fish. Salty, salty, salty--FISH! Not cool, man. Not cool. (I feel I'm channeling the Dude, who was nominated for Best Actor, but who lost to my English dreamboat--it's okay, he won it last year.)

And now, as I write this, THE KING'S SPEECH WON BEST PICTURE!!!

So any discomfort I experienced with my anchovies feels very small in comparison. I don't know that the film I've backed has ever won. Maybe that positive association will follow me in my future endeavors with anchovies.

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