Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Fifty-Six: The Best Possible Egg

I realized today that I haven't done any hard boiled egg posts in recent weeks, and that while I did force a lot of eggs on myself, I still don't like the suckers. So I can't stop eating them. The point of this whole thing is exposure, so I have to keep exposing myself. To different foods, that is. Foods I don't like. Until I like them, goshdarnit.

So tonight, when the hubby and I went to Hills' Restaurant in Spokane, I saw a golden opportunity on the appetizer menu. A golden brown, deep-fried opportunity. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I speak of the Scotch Egg, a delightful concoction wherein the hard boiled egg is wrapped in sausage, then battered, then deep fried. Here is where a hard boiled egg meets its optimal preparation. It mingles so nicely with the sausage, provides a creamy contrast to the crust. Only the good elements of the egg are brought out. Those Scots know what they're doing when it comes to eggs.

Also at Hills' tonight: my love affair with the Reuben continued. How I ever disliked sauerkraut, I don't know, cuz it's definitely my buddy now. Also, Ian ordered the catfish special, and I had a bite of that. You're probably thinking that the reason I only had a bite was that I was repulsed. That was my fear, yes, and the reason I didn't order the whole plate myself. I've heard that catfish is one of the fishier fishes and not to be eaten by beginners. But really, with the breading and the tomato sauce, I tasted very little fish, and what I did taste blended nicely with the other flavors. So this has taken the fear factor out of catfish, at least. Whether I'll enjoy it in the future is another question, but I know I will eat it.


  1. You should try the Reuben at the Elk. It's delicious.

  2. Ooh I love the Reuben at the Elk. I've been eating Reubens everywhere lately!